Shadow Part 1 : A murder in New Babbage!

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Right, that’s probably old news for most of you street urchins. As for me… I’ve been hiding under a rock for something like a year, so when I came back to New Babbage for the first time this week, I was shocked to learn that someone had been murdered!

Watch the reconstitution of the murder scene here! (Shadow of the 13 trailer)

So of course I decided to find out more about it! I’ve quickly found some clues, in the shape of a map that looked pretty and had red marks on it, and letters that took me a loooong time to read because I’m still learning to read, so you know, it’s difficult, and a box. And I won’t tell you what the box is like because when I think of it it scares me.

Shadow of the 13: First clues

The first clues

So then I managed to read the letters, and I found there was another place that was hidden. I got there, it was fun because I had to climb a rope and jump! But then the hidden room was very scary. Here, look scared I was:

I'm scared!

I'm scared!

I found more letters. They were all gross and sticky because of all the blood. I read them anyway, because my grandma says that I should learn to read better, and it looks like I need to go to Loki’s place. And that’s good because I’ve been there already before and there wasn’t any blood there. We’ll see…


Sled, physics and arghhh!

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Gaaaaahhhh. It’s difficult.

Ice-skating on LivingTree Island

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I’ve been ice-skating on LivingTree Island. It’s fantastic there. I’ve made my first movie, but wasn’t able to record the corresponding audio.

It’s a shame, because the coloured ice-blocks play notes when you jump on themp!

You’ll just have to go there to try it out. 🙂
Cheep Cheep Landing on LivingTree

Character questionnaire

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I know the first, most obvious step for improving my capacity to act smoothly in Caledon is to know who I am.

Above all, I want to avoid creating a Gary-Stu (or a Mary-Sue). You know, very often in fanfictions and also in published novels, you’ll see the wonderful heroin with purple eyes, long hair, the voice of a nightingale, gracious dancing skills, amazing intelligence, and the most emo-filled past ever? She’s not my type. Google Mary-Sue if you dare, but be warned: it can be hilarious and dangerous.

So yeah, I don’t want to be a Mary-Sue. It’s all too easy to make one without noticing it, though.

I searched through general roleplaying sites and found a very interesting questionnaire to help with the creation of PC and NPC. That’s the kind of tool that is very helpful to make a well-rounded, believable character; let’s see where it leads me too…

… Fast-forward a few days. 😀
It’s very very long. I’ve started filling what I could, and it raises some interesting questions.

For example: who are my parents? He, I don’t have a clue. They have to be dead or missing, as I’m not interested in, ahem, adopting “live” parents. I simply don’t have the time for that, and they’d send me to school, bleh!

I could have created parents anyway, but I’ve always wanted to create an older avatar. It was a toss-up between a Granny and a Grandpa, so I searched around on the grid and found Brazen Women’s older skins – for women. A Granny it is, then.

So it turned out that my parents and my grandfather drowned while boating when I was a baby. I don’t remember them, and Granny has been raising me and trying to keep me out of trouble (not always successfully, lol) since that day. Granny is very good with me, and as most SL children are orphans anyway, it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. So it’s not too Mary-Sueish, is it?


Having fun with an old sleigh!

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I found a few old boards and some rusty metal bars in a yard, so as it’s been snowing in Caledon, I’ve decided to make a sleigh.

I crashed.

I crashed.

As I’ve skipped all the physics lessons at school because fishing was funnier, I quickly ran, ahem, smashed into problems. But that’s okay, I didn’t break anything, and it was fun too!

It was all good until my granny found where I was hiding. She gave me that stern look of her, and said that it was too dangerous and I had to stop having fun. 😦

Granny is very severe

Granny is very severe

Granny doesn’t like when I’m sad, so we went to the library park and she bought me a hot chocolate. Then once I was happy again, she loaned books for me and now I’m learning about ki-nem-atics or something like that.



(( And I’ve been having so much fun with that sleigh that I’ve been scripting and smashing into trees all day yesterday. I’ve found a site about the basics of physics, so hopefully I’ll be able to make that sleigh behave a bit better! ))

3LK Very warm knit hat, scarves and gloves

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Since it’s started snowing, my granny has been very busy knitting lots of scarves and knit hats and mittens for everybody!

She’s only using very warm wool. I made the pompon on the hats!

Technically speaking, the knit hat is provided with and without hair.

The version without hair attaches by default on the chin, so that you can wear it with your usual prim hair. You will probably need to resize and tweak your hair and the hat. It is mod, so go for it, but make sure you make a copy of both your hair and the hat before you start.

The versions with hair attach on skull and replace your usual prim hair. I have provided 4 hair colours, from blond to dark; the hairstyle is, I think, suitable for both genders. You can also mod these hats. 🙂

The mittens have an animation and a script to help your hands stay in the same position. It works fine but it’s not perfect. I have provided texture gloves to wear under the mittens so that your fingers don’t show.

Now go out and play in the snow! 🙂
3lkad_verywarm_brick_200812 3lkad_verywarm_pink_200812 3lkad_verywarm_rustic_200812

Three Little Kittens – main store

On XStreetSL:
Very warm: Blue
Very warm: Brick
Very warm: Pink
Very warm: Rustic

On OnRez:
Very warm: Blue
Very warm: Brick
Very warm: Pink
Very warm: Rustic

Kick the can: Robin’s vendors returned!

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Will this sort of stupidity ever end?
A Linden has returned Robin Sojourner her child skin vendors. I suppose baked-on panties are an evil fetish or something. FFS.

Linden Lab really need to clarify their policy about sexual ageplay, and stop confusing it with non-sexual ageplay! They should define clear guidelines and make sure EVERYONE (including Lindens themselves) understand these guidelines!

I have a skin made by Jeremy. It doesn’t have panties, but it doesn’t have bits either (I wouldn’t have bought it if it had). Like the vast majority of SL kids, I’m not interested in putting my child avatar into sexual situations. I have grown-up alts for that! My kid av is for exploring, jumping in leaves, running, killing zombies with wooden swords and the like.

I’m angry. It’s a rollercoaster of yes, no, maybe you’re okay with a child av. First the 5 year anniversary mess-up. Now that. Grrr. I just don’t get it.