Shadow Part 1 : A murder in New Babbage!

Right, that’s probably old news for most of you street urchins. As for me… I’ve been hiding under a rock for something like a year, so when I came back to New Babbage for the first time this week, I was shocked to learn that someone had been murdered!

Watch the reconstitution of the murder scene here! (Shadow of the 13 trailer)

So of course I decided to find out more about it! I’ve quickly found some clues, in the shape of a map that looked pretty and had red marks on it, and letters that took me a loooong time to read because I’m still learning to read, so you know, it’s difficult, and a box. And I won’t tell you what the box is like because when I think of it it scares me.

Shadow of the 13: First clues

The first clues

So then I managed to read the letters, and I found there was another place that was hidden. I got there, it was fun because I had to climb a rope and jump! But then the hidden room was very scary. Here, look scared I was:

I'm scared!

I'm scared!

I found more letters. They were all gross and sticky because of all the blood. I read them anyway, because my grandma says that I should learn to read better, and it looks like I need to go to Loki’s place. And that’s good because I’ve been there already before and there wasn’t any blood there. We’ll see…


~ by Wilde on April 4, 2010.

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